TALMUDs souvenirstrategiske partnerbesøg i 2024

In 2024, TALMUD embarks on a trip to visit strategic customers.


To deepen connections and explore new opportunities in the global souvenir market, TALMUD founder Charles ZHAO launched a global critical customer visit plan more than ten years ago.


As a leader in the souvenir manufacturing industry, we carefully plan visits to strategic partners in three key countries: the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Brazil.


Each visit is tailored to strengthen relationships with existing partners, forge new alliances, and showcase TALMUD’s innovative and culturally rich souvenir offerings.

Netherlands Souvenir Partner Visitation

Figure 1 – Netherlands Souvenir Partner Visitation

Netherlands trip: Strengthening European ties

The first stop in 2024 will be the Netherlands, a country known for its vibrant tourism industry and rich cultural heritage. TALMUD aims to work closely with Dutch customized souvenir strategic partners to discuss new ideas for souvenir customization and the possibility of closer cooperation models in the future.


For this souvenir market with a strong artistic atmosphere, we mainly recommend the following products to our partners:


Customizable Tulip Design Ceramics: These ceramics reflect the iconic Dutch tulip and can be customized using traditional Dutch designs combined with traditional Jingdezhen, China ceramic techniques to create high-end, collectible ceramic keepsakes.


New material souvenirs inspired by tulips and windmills: This traditional Dutch windmill and tulip patterns are applied to the latest souvenir types, attracting more tourists to buy and helping souvenir wholesaler customers create more hot-selling souvenirs.

England Souvenir Partner Visitation

Figure 2 – England Souvenir Partner Visitation

UK trip: consolidating market share

TALMUD plans to strengthen its presence in the UK by engaging with key distributors and retail chains. The focus will be on expanding the range of British-themed souvenirs and discussing market trends that may influence future product lines. We highlight the following products:


Customized London skyline souvenirs: from snow globes to keychains, including famous landmarks like the London Eye, Big Ben, and Tower Bridge.


Royal souvenirs: Taking advantage of some of the British royal family’s events, we provide exclusive customized souvenirs for the royal family and celebrities. Through high-end, hand-processed and customized collectible-level souvenirs, we add luster to important royal holidays.

Brazil Souvenir Partner Visitation

Figure 3 – Brazil Souvenir Partner Visitation

Trip to Brazil: Entering South America

This trip to Brazil marks an important step for TALMUD in entering the South American market. The goal was to introduce TALMUD’s product portfolio and customize products that resonate with Brazil’s vibrant culture and festival spirit. Key products will include:


Carnival-themed accessories: Vibrant clothing and accessories that reflect the lively atmosphere of Brazil’s famous Carnival.


Football game souvenirs: Considering the country’s passion for football, the TALMUD sales team recommends niche souvenirs of sports souvenirs to potential big customers in Brazil to help customers tap more potential markets.

London Souvenir Partner Visitation

Figure 4 – London Souvenir Partner Visitation


Through these visits, the TALMUD team achieves several strategic goals:


Strengthen partnerships: By meeting face-to-face with partners, TALMUD aims to build trust and foster long-term collaboration.


Market Expansion: These visits are critical to identifying new market opportunities and expanding TALMUD’s global footprint.


Feedback and Innovation: Direct feedback from partners and customers will inform future product development and innovation strategies.


TALMUD’s strategic partner visit in 2024 is a comprehensive market development, maintenance, and promotion activity.


As a global leader in the customized souvenir industry, we continue to improve our global layout by focusing on souvenir development and customer training programs in specific markets, helping customers grow, and establishing closer strategic partnerships.

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