Tysklands strategiske partnerbesøg i 2023

After successfully completing the fifth visit to Spanish guests, Charles ZHAO immediately flew to Munich, Germany, to visit German strategic customers.

Tyskland rejsetog

Figur 1 Tyskland Rejsetog

Although Germany is a traditional souvenir country, it is a pity that we have only cooperated with some trading companies and have not contacted the local souvenir wholesalers in Germany. This time, we successfully partnered with a high-quality souvenir wholesaler in Germany.

Rejser i Tyskland

Figur 2 Rejser i Tyskland

In Munich, we spent nearly 2 days, accompanied by customers, visiting some souvenir retail stores in important scenic spots, communicating with the shop owners in detail, and gradually understanding the needs of souvenir retailers.

Tyskland souvenir magnet

Figur 3 Tyskland Souvenir Magnet

In addition, we also conducted systematic business consulting according to the characteristics of the German market and the development history of the customer’s own company. We helped customers establish their own niche market in the souvenir industry.

Tyskland Souvenirbakke

Figur 4 Tyskland Souvenirbakke

As an experienced souvenir wholesaler, TALMUD not only produces a variety of high-quality souvenirs but also helps customers with procurement, logistics, and other services and offers business consulting based on more than 20 years of souvenir wholesale experience.

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