Fransk strategisk kundebesøg 2023

Today, Charles ZHAO mainly visited a French customer who has cooperated for nearly 20 years. We started the meeting in a very good restaurant.

Stedet Vendome

Figur 1 Place Of Vendome

In addition to regular product recommendations, we also solve some problems in the original order, such as the color difference problem in printing some design drawings.

In addition, we provided a brief summary of the completion of orders for newly developed products this year and detailed communications for the development of other souvenirs in the future, especially on how to target the niche market of fashion souvenirs.

Lafayette souvenir samlinger

Figur 2 Lafayette souvenirsamlinger

TALMUD er en førende souvenirgrossist, vi har næsten 20 års historie i Kina, vi har etableret en effektiv souvenirforsyningskæde og leverer også souvenirvirksomhedskonsulenttjenester til nogle kunder.

Mona Lisa souvenir gave

Figur 3 Mona Lisa souvenirgave

We develop the global market for souvenirs in the spirit of altruism. Our business value lies in helping customers succeed.

Museums souvenirsamling

Figur 4 Museumsouvenirsamling

In the future, we will focus on developing various souvenirs and gifts around world-renowned artists and museums and contribute to spreading world art and culture through our perfect supply chain management level.

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