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TALMUD: Your Enamel Jewelry Customization Expert in China

Based in China, TALMUD is the top manufacturer and supplier of enamel jewelry for professionals. 

TALMUD is your perfect partner in the luxury enamel jewelry market since it uses China’s proficiency in manufacturing high-temperature enamel and incorporates operational expertise from European premium brands.

Our expertise involves designing custom items for museums, sports teams, and other businesses. Contact the TALMUD professional enamel manufacturing team now for excellent artistry and customized service.

TALMUD Smykker Kundebillede

Med more than a decade of experience in the industry, TALMUD offers the finest services for customizing jewelry. Our expert service guarantees beautiful designs customized to your interests and preferences.

We have a highly competent team of artists, excellent supply chain management, branded business operations management, and customer satisfaction-focused business principles.

TALMUD is responsible for the transportation and accessory orders for jewelry, and it also makes premium metals and gemstones possible. Have an experience that will never be the same while you go with us.

Følgende er blot nogle få af vores gæster, der har besøgt os:

  • Authentic Original Equipment Manufacturer Jewelry with a Designer Brand
  • Artist Factory and Customized Jewelry Design
  • Kendt Mode Jewelry Brand, Top Jewelry Factor
  • Authentication of Intellectual Property, Business Partnerships, and Original Museum Jewelry
  • Specialist in Crafting Customized Jewelry
  • Wholesalers of smykker Tilbehør and Packaging Services to the Jewelry Market


TALMUD Smykker Kundebilleder
Brugerdefinerede Vincent van Gogh kunstsmykker engrosproducent i Kina

Vincent van Gogh kunstsmykker

Find timeless beauty with our TALMUD souvenir collection, which draws inspiration from the legendary Vincent van Gogh. With næsten 20 år of design experience, our team developed a high-quality collection of fashionable jewelry.

Every work of art by Van Gogh captures his creative excellence, from the captivating Starry Night series to the beautiful Sunflower and Irises collections. Our creative jewelry such as armbånd, halskæder, øreringe, and more, can up your look.

Contact our team now to see our exquisite masterpieces and discover every nuance of Van Gogh’s artistic ability.

TALMUD: Your Original Personalized Enamel Jewelry Wholesale Factory in China

Med over 20 år of professional expertise, TALMUD is a famous Chinese enamel and cloisonné jewelry manufacturer. Our team specializes in creating custom enamel jewelry for collections, auctions, and gifts.

Working with TALMUD gives you access to a reliable jew supply chain, guaranteeing excellent quality, competitive rates, and prompt service. Take advantage of our varied strategy, which is customized for sports, museums, and niches. 

We are experts at designing trendy, artistic pieces perfect as presents or luksus gaver. Hertil kommer, at vores konsulentydelser consist of designing customized souvenir collections with popular brands and styles, boosting your business strategy, and bridging gaps in the market.

Embracing the TALMUD edge, our team is committed to forming innovative teams, promoting creativity in the global souvenir industry, and upholding centralized control over raw materials and produktkvalitet.

Take the first step toward a mutually beneficial relationship with the jewelry experts at TALMUD now.

Skræddersyet luksussmykkemester i Kina

Smykkedesign af TALMUD

  • Expert Jewelry Designer Team


  • Competency in the Area of Global Jewelry Creation


  • Over et årti of Service in China’s Custom Jewelry Market

Tilpasning af smykker

  • Choose an Authenticated Jewelry Designers


  • Accelerate Jewelry Designer’s Professional Development


Leverandør af luksussmykker

  • Trends, Lifestyle, Jewelry, Legacy, and Trademark


  • Supply Chain Management for Stylish Jewelry


  • Top Branding Programs for MBA Specialization

TALMUD, Custom Jewelry Master

  • From Gem Selection to Jewel Production


  • From Jewelry Creation to Jewelry Production and Distribution


  • TALMUD is a Popular Chinese Manufacturer of Custom Jewelry

TALMUD Din luksussmykkepartner

  • Customization of Exquisite Jewelry


  • Gennem årene, TALMUD, an Influential Jewelry Brand, Experienced Significant Changes.


  • ganske enkelt Kontakt Our TALMUD Jewelry Experts at Any Time

TALMUD Fine smykker

  • brugerdefinerede Ruby Silver Manchetknapper engros producent og leverandør i Kina

    Materiale: 925 sølv
    Ædelsten: Ruby fra Myanmar
    Størrelse: Brugerdefineret
    Grad: Luksus, fine smykker, mode

  • brugerdefineret armbånd engros producent og leverandør i Kina

    Materiale: Sølv
    Perle: Safirer
    Belægning: Vintage
    Tag: Luksus, Personlig, Mode

  • Flower Cloisonne Charms producent og leverandør i Kina

    Materiale: 925 sølv
    Design: Blomst
    Proces: Cloisonne
    Tag: Engros, Custom

  • Cloisonne emaljeringe producent og leverandør i Kina

    Materiale: Opal
    Proces: Hård emalje
    Design: Mesterdesigner
    Tag: Kunst, Luksus, Personlig

  • Cat Enamel Pendant producent og leverandør i Kina

    Materiale: Zink legering
    Design: Dyr
    Logo: Hård emalje
    Tag: Luksus, Mode, Engros

  • brugerdefineret broche engros producent og leverandør i Kina

    Materiale: Platinum
    Tilbehør: Perle
    Grad: Akoya, høj kvalitet
    Tag: Luksus, Collection, Custom

  • brugerdefineret Emerald Halskæde engros fremstillingsfabrik i Kina

    Materiale: Smaragd
    Tilbehør: Diamant
    Grad: Fine smykker
    Hashtag: Brugerdefineret, Luksus, Mode

  • brugerdefinerede Sapphire Studs engros producent i Kina

    Materiale: 925 sølv
    Perle: Safir
    Design: Ekspert mester
    Tag: Personlig, Kollektion, Mode

  • brugerdefinerede Kiss Jewelry-engrosfremstillingsfabrikken i Kina

    Materiale: Rustfrit stål
    Design: The Kiss
    Kunstner: Gustav Klimt
    Hashtag: Engros, Mode, Custom

TALMUD: Your Reliable Customized Enamel Jewelry Supplier in China

TALMUD is your #1 factory for beautiful enamel jewelry crafted with attention to detail. For high quality, our global team, headed by a founder with a background in luxury, combines traditional Chinese craftsmanship with the workings of high-end brands.


Med mere end 20 år of knowledge and experience, we excel in manufacturing excellent, customizable enamel and cloisonne jewelry. Durability and quality are our priorities at TALMUD. 


We select premium raw materials and work with expert designers to guarantee excellent results for your projects. Our team can produce designs inspired by berømtheder, basketball themes, or artwork or manufacture art-related items.


Experience the TALMUD difference with our wide range of services, which includes our exclusive Country souvenirs collection that reflects the history and culture of various places and our retail partner program for Byens souvenirs.


Additionally, remember our annual strategic partner visits, which offer exceptional business prospects through global strategic partner visits. Use TALMUD to enhance your experience with jewelry.


Contact us immediately to start your path toward exceptional craftsmanship and service!

TALMUD Jewellery Kundebilleder

TALMUD Jewellery Kundebilleder


TALMUD Logistikservice

TALMUD Logistik Services

Our full logistics services cater to your transporting and storing requirements.


  • Baseret på vægt og volumenovervejelser tilbyder søfragtcontainere optimal effektivitet, især til tung og overdimensioneret last.


  • Vores luftfragttransport prioriterer hastighed og omkostningseffektivitet, hvilket gør den ideel til tidsfølsomme varer. Det vil også spare dig tid og penge.


  • TALMUD rail transport can reduce transportation expenses by 20-30% sammenlignet med luftfragt.


  • Stol på os med dine følsomme og værdifulde genstande som dokumenter og smykker for den sikreste pakkelevering.


  • Vores globale logistik- og distributionstjenester henvender sig til mode- og luksusmærker, hvilket sikrer gennemsigtig lager.

TALMUDs standarder: Økonomi, effektivitet, sikkerhed og bæredygtighed

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